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What I do

3D Image Composition

Digital Photography

Digital Film


Photography: Donatello Trevisiol, Motorcycle: Venier Custom

3D Image Composition: Donatello Trevisiol, Furniture Design: Nero Mobili

Rendering: Donatello Trevisiol, in partnership with Dorispalmisano Communication Agency


  • Photography

    Digital and Analog Photography
    Synthesis Photography - ( CGI )
    Image authoring
    Image composition

  • CGI

    3d workflow and pipeline
    3d modeling
    IBM - image base modeling
    3d texturing
    3d projection
    3d animation
    3d lighting
    IBL - image based lighting
    3d rendering

  • Film

    Director of Photography
    Digital Compositing
    Graphic Animation
    Video Editing

  • Design

    Object Design
    Vector Drawing
    Technical Illustration
    3d Printing

About Me

I am an enthusiast 3D composer, animator, photographer, designer and a maker.
I have always been interested in a wide range of disciplines, delving into their knowledge and practice.
I am passionate in creating images, manipulating lights and materials to give life to my ideas.

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